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“Your FUTURE is created by what you do TODAY and not TOMORROW


first 1986

Business Coaching

since 2012

Keynote Speaking

started 2016


How can you hope to hit a target you cannot see?

Business owners and leadership teams are repeatedly tested in their commitment, resilience, and capacity to innovate and reinvent. What are the secrets to succeeding time after time? I show with my workshops and interactive keynote presentations how to develop leaders, create more effective teams, and improve performance for successful businesses who know that they can, and should, be doing more with the people and resources that they already have.

  • Who I am

    I am an entrepreneur, economist, and executive coach. I share my knowledge with the people on the subjects of leadership, team dynamics and peak performance. I am a believer in employee and organizational development and equips your organization with the tools to create and maintain winning attitudes.

  • I am founder and Ceo of

    Intres Advisory and Rakams

    Intres Advisory is a consulting company creating intricate financial simulation models and strategies for enterprises at any stage of business. Rakams a training and consulting company which specialise in Leadership, Team and Personal development processes dedicated to maximizing your human assets.

  • I serve as Executive Director of

    Liberian Development Agency

    which is underneath of Liberian Government since 2015, and prior to that led the Michigan University Foundation Prima Civitas as a Solution Provider from 2013 through 2015.

  • I love to open

    people’s mind to new possibilities,

    by taking on an unforgettable journey through true stories, remarkable insights into human psychology, business and the wonderful art of communication. I work with leaders to help them shift their perspectives toward how they can leverage their strengths and create high-performing teams.